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Covid 19 Coronavirus Update

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update


We are currently living in unprecedented times and responding to information that is ever-changing.

As a Head teacher I very much understand the national desire for schools to stay open and I understand that many parents in our school community have roles and jobs which are easier to fulfil while your children are in school.   We have conducted risk assessments and are putting into place measures to reduce the ongoing risks to our children and staff in order to keep our school open in these challenging circumstances.

We are being advised by Central Government, Public Health England and our Local Authority and are currently following this most recent guidance:

  • If anyone in your household shows symptoms, high temperature and new continuous cough all members of the household should self-isolate for 14 days
  • We should stop all unnecessary contact with others and all unnecessary travel.
  • We should work from home where possible.
  • We should avoid all venues such as pubs, clubs, theatres and restaurants.
  • All those with underlying health conditions, all those who are over 70 and all those who are pregnant should take the utmost care and should avoid all unnecessary contact with others.


We would ask that in an effort to protect our school community you adhere to this advice.  


Pupils who should not come to school:

Any pupil with symptoms, a high temperature or new continuous cough, should not be in school and should self- isolate for 7 days.  We are taking a cautious approach to this in school and will be sending home any children who develop either of these symptoms in order to minimise the risks to others in school. 

Pupils who live with someone who has symptoms should not be in school and should self-isolate for 14 days, this is the period required to allow symptoms to develop and to enable them to pass the point of infection.

Pupils who are vulnerable due to medical conditions are strongly advised to be ‘largely shielded’ from the virus.  Therefore I would advise that these pupils do not come to school. 


Potential School Closure:

We are currently working to keep our school open, however the situation is ever-changing.  We may be instructed by government to fully close or we may be in a situation where because school staff's need to self-isolate we cannot operate safely.  In the event of staff absence impacting upon our ability to operate we may need to operate partial closure ie closed for certain year groups.  

We are currently making preparations to put some distance learning in place should we find ourselves in this situation and will share this with you as and when it becomes necessary.


We will aim to give you as much advance notice of either of these situations arising as we can as we are very mindful of the challenges that will undoubtedly present.


Cancelled Events:

We are following Government advice and until further notice cancelling all non-essential activities and events to include 

  • Extra-curricular activities – Access Coaching Sports Clubs, Irish Dancing and Art Club
  • All inter-school sports events
  • All  class liturgy, assembly or Mass
  • Any large in school gatherings such as key stage or whole school acts of worship or assemblies
  • Y6 Booster sessions


As well as the advice available on Public Health England’s website there is a dedicated helpline available to any schools or parents who need further information and this can be contacted as follows:


Phone: 0800 046 8687



Opening hours 8am-6pm Monday to Friday


I will keep you updated on developments as our situation changes.  I thank you for your continued support and co-operation as we all work together to keep our loved ones and wider community safe and healthy.