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At St. Mary’s we believe our Curriculum to be everything a child experiences during their time at our school. Every encounter, interaction and activity whether planned or incidental are equally important experiences that enhance learning.


Our Mission Statement states  'Our school is a welcoming Christ centred community, committed to the development of faith, worship and education by creating a secure, enriching place of learning where all are inspired and empowered to develop their talents and skills, achieving their true potential as unique individuals.’  - this is central to our curriculum offer. 


Our aims are

  • To provide children with a range of experiences that enable them to develop a strong sense of self and community, ensuring a broad range of opportunities to make a positive contribution to society whilst gaining a greater understanding of their role as citizens in their local community and the wider world.  This will ensure that our children are well equipped for life in today’s world.
  • To foster a love of learning gaining a range of skills knowledge and understanding which inspire and motivate them to be independent and lifelong learners. 


Our curriculum has evolved through the consideration staff have given to what is taught, when it is taught and how it is taught so that we maximise opportunities to capture and maintain the children’s interest while enabling them to make appropriate links across subject areas.  This ensures a broad, relevant, purposeful and progressive curriculum for all learners.


The curriculum we have designed for our school enables us to deliver the objectives outlined in the Statutory Framework for EYFS and the National Primary Curriculum along with our Diocesan programme ‘Come and See’ and our Values Curriculum.  The organisation of themes and topics provides opportunities to connect learning in a way that supports our children learning more and remembering more.


The documents below show how in each subject area skills and knowledge have been organised in a progressive sequence across year groups.  Individual year groups show the themes and topics that will be used as the vehicle to deliver those learning opportunities.


Our curriculum design is continually being reviewed as we respond to our learning experiences and these pages will be updated regularly to reflect this.


If you would like to know more about any particular aspect of our curriculum please contact the school office.