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St Mary’s Catholic Primary School ‘Faith in Education’


 From September 2021 the government has removed the requirements for social distancing and exclusive bubbles in schools which means we can reduce some of our control measures.  We must still take responsibility for our own proximity to others and ensure that we adhere to the hygeine and ventilation requirements.


It will no longer be necessary for adults who are double vaccinated and pupils under the age of 18 years and 6 months to isolate if they are a close contact.  Isolation will only be necessary if an individual themselves tests positive ande we hope that this should result in less disruption to education.


We know that the control measures we have in place may need to be scaled up in response to an increase in transmission of the virus and we will liaise with the appropriate bodies to make decisions on how best to manage any outbreak in school in line with our Outbreak Contingency Plan.


Please see the documents below for further information relating to Covid-19 and how school is managing/responding to the pandemic in this new academic year. 


Remote Learning

Remote learning may be a requirement for you child in the event of a whole school closure, a class bubble closure or them as an individual needing to self isolate. With a view to ensuring that pupils can continue to learn if they are required to be absent from school for Covid related reasons we have developed a remote learning plan.


Our remote learning will be delivered using our Microsoft Office 365 platform and SeeSaw. In Key Stage 2 staff will use tools including Sway, Teams and OneDrive to deliver, send and receive work. In EYFS & Key Stage 1, staff will use Seesaw to set and receive work alongside Sway to deliver certain teaching elements.  Teams will regularly be used for catch up meetings, story times and drop in sessions.


In the event of a school or bubble closure teachers will post work daily and will be available to respond to queries and provide feedback to work throughout the school day.  Please be aware that teachers may be responsible for working with a number of key worker/vulnerable pupils who may be accessing remote learning on site - so if you have posted a query please be patient teachers will respond as soon as they can. 


In the case of a pupil isolating independently of their classmates, the class teacher will have 24 hours to prepare remote learning. The child at home will receive the learning which was delivered to the class the previous day. This will be sent to the child via Sway, Seesaw and/or Teams. Where appropriate, the class teacher may invite the child to a Teams meeting to support, advise or discuss learning.

In all cases work completed should be returned to the class teacher so feedback can be given, work assessed, next steps in learning planned and progress monitored. 


Learning for pupils who contract the Covid 19 Virus

If your child tests positive for Covid it is essential that they stay at home and self isolate for 10 days.  When children are unwell the most important thing is that they rest and get well.  There is no expectation from school that they should complete work whilst absent due to illness. 

We know that some pupils who contract Covid remain relatively well and that in these cases parents may want some school work for their child to complete whilst absent.  Class teachers will make contact with parents and if requested to will provide a menu of tasks pupils can complete to help them keep up with the learning that is being covered in school during their absence.  


Any questions or queries please ask via SeeSaw, the school email or by calling the school office 0191 251 8080.


Safeguarding is always a key priority for us.   The model of distance learning adopted by the school means that staff  will have regular contact with pupils/families via SeeSaw if children are absent for Covid related reasons.   Teachers know that they need to remain vigilant during these periods of absence and have been advised that if they have concerns about a child they should speak to a safegurading lead and staff should make a telephone call home.  The call should be a 'check in' opportunity to see how the child/family are doing and to enquire if there is anything the school can do to support them.  Staff should also ask to speak to the child so they can find out from them how they are finding being at home and managing their learning.  All contact should be logged on CPOMs.