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St Mary’s R.C Primary School ‘Faith in Education’


The outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK resulted in schools closing from March 20th 2020 to all but Key Worker and Vulnerable pupils.   On June 29th the government directed schools to open for pupils in eligible year groups, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.


In September 2020 the government required all schools to re-open for all pupils in all year groups and schools have been tasked with implementing control measures to ensure that our school communities are protected from virus transmission and staff and pupils are as safe as they can be whilst at school. 


Please see the documents below for further information relating to Covid-19 and how school is managing/responding to the pandemic in this new academic year. 



Safeguarding is always a key priority for us.   We have had no face to face contact with some of our children since March and therefore don't know what their experiences of lock-down have been or how they have been affected by them.  We do know that they need to be supported and nurtured so that they feel safe and secure in the school environment and that we need to be alert and ready to listen so that we do all in our power to safeguard them.  The model of distance learning adopted by the school means that staff  will have regular contact with pupils/families via SeeSaw if they are absent because they need to self-isolate.  Teachers know that they need to remain vigilant during these periods of absence and have been advised that if they have concerns about a child they should speak to a safegurading lead.   If pupils don't engage with learning during their period of absence staff should make a telephone call home.  The call should be a 'check in' opportunity to see how the child/family are doing and to enquire if there is anything the school can do to support them.  Staff should also ask to speak to the child so they can find out from them how they are finding being at home and managing their learning.  All contact should be logged on CPOMs.

Distance Learning


All staff and most parents are already familiar with the use of SeeSaw as it was our distance learning platform during lock-down from March to July 2020.    We have therefore decided to continue to use SeeSaw as our means of setting distance learning tasks for pupils.  All children have been provided with a QR code to access the SeeSaw class app. 


In the event  of children needing to self-isolate as a result of either them or a family member testing positive for Covid-19 or being identified as a close contact through the track and trace system your child's teacher will provide learning for them to access from home.  The learning set will be in line with objectives being covered by children attending school and should, provided the child engages with and completes tasks, ensure that gaps in learning don't emerge during the period of absence.  Some of these will require written recording which should be completed in the exercise books provided, some can be completed on SeeSaw and some may require you to log onto other online applications.


Any questions or queries please ask via SeeSaw, the school email or by calling the school office 0191 251 8080.