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St Mary’s Catholic Primary School ‘Faith in Education’

Prayer and Worship

As a faith community prayer and worship punctuate our days and weeks in school.  The children experience a wide variety of opportunities to worship and these are purposefully planned to support their faith development.  Every school day begins and ends with prayer and over the course of a school term there are opportunities to experience Liturgy, Celebration of the Word and prayer both independently and with others.


We are co-located with our Parish Church and this affords us the opportunity to attend Liturgy (Mass) regularly.   

Fr Martin our parish priest invites us to the Sacrament of the Eucharist as a whole school or as individual classes.  We have 3 whole school Masses for our school intentions and also attend all Holy Day of Obligation parish Masses as a whole school.  In addition to this each class prepares and leads 2 Masses per year and these take the place of the parish Mass of the day and are shared with our parish congregation along with members of our families. 

Celebration of the Word

Our week is punctuated with a series of opportunities to 'Celebrate the Word'.  On Mondays we have whole school Celebration of the Word, this is led by senior leaders and follows the liturgical calendar using the Sunday Gospel as the scripture focus.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Key Stage Celebration of the Word gatherings and are led by class teachers or groups of pupils.  These are theme based and always follow the liturgical calendar.  Throughout the year each class prepares a class Celebration of the Word which extends the invitation to parents and family members to experience prayer led by their children. 


Prayer in a wide variety of forms is an integral part of our school life.  Each day begins and ends with prayer which enables the children to be familiar with some the traditional prayers of the church.  Alongside this each class engages in a range of creative prayer including mandalas, labryinths, jorunaling, meditations,song and peer led prayer.  Each class has a prayer journal where they can record some of the prayer experiences they have had.