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St Mary’s Catholic Primary School ‘Faith in Education’

School Uniform Information

Our School uniform identifies us as being part of the St. Mary's School family and we wear it with pride.  It is an expectation that all pupils adhere to our uniform policy and support us in maintaining our high standards.


 We have our general school uniform and our PE uniform.  Pupils come to school wearing PE uniform on days when they have a PE lesson or if they are representing the school at a sports event.


Our expectations are outlined in our School Uniform Policy which can viewed below.  


Our branded uniform can be purchased direct from the supplier Tots to Teams on their website or parents can chose unbranded items in our school colours from alternative uniform suppliers. 


We are part of North Tyneside’s Community School Clothing Scheme North Tyneside Community Clothing - School Uniform.  We have a collection bin on our school site where parents can leave items of uniform that they no longer need.  This bin is emptied regularly and our pre-loved uniform is available free to all families at the North Tyneside Community School Clothing Store.  We also hold a small supply of pre-loved uniform on site which parents can access free of charge via the school office.

Example of School Uniform Items