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Cake Sale to Fundraise for the Earthquake Appeal

Fundraising to support worthy causes is something the children and families at St. Mary’s do very well.  A group of Y4 girls asked in the autumn term if they could run a Cake Sale to raise money for charity.  As autumn was such a busy term we agreed to do this in spring term.  The girls met with Mrs Bland to plan the event - when would it be, which charities would it support, how would they let everyone know about it etc.  They made final arrangements and got busy making posters to put up around school.  Then they woke up to hear about the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria and they came to see Mrs Bland to ask if they could change the arrangements for the Cake Sale - they wanted to charge more than originally planned for the cakes to raise as much money as possible and wanted to give the proceeds to CAFOD’s earthquake relief fund.  Mrs Bland was overwhelmed by their sense of EMPATHY for those affected by this natural disaster and agreed that this was a great idea and a wonderful way for our school community to support the relief aid.   Today the girls ran their cake sale and raised £359.53 for this worthy cause.  A huge thanks to the girls and their families for their support in baking all those amazing cakes.