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Welcome to the Website of St.Mary's RC Primary School

Ofsted Outstanding Logo

Welcome to St. Mary’s school website. We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about life at St Mary's.

We are very concerned to encourage responsible use of the internet. To this end, I would direct you to the following links, Kidsmart and Think You Know, which both promote positive and safe internet usage. Additionally, we are keen to promote good citizenship in our school community and to that end guide you to the www.gogivers.org website for further information and activities. Have fun!

Mrs C. Bland- Headteacher

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Welcome to our Online Poll page. This is where parents and children get to have their say. Just remember, you only get to vote once per i.p. address but you can check back at any time to see how the poll is going. Hope you have fun!

Breaking News (08 items - Updated 14/04/2016)

St Mary´s offers OUTSTANDING education

The Governors, Parents, Staff and Children are delighted that Ofsted inspectors recognise St Mary´s as the happy, nurturing, exciting and successful place we all know it to be. A copy of the most recent Ofsted report can be read by following the link below:

St Mary´s Ofsted report 2015

Living Literacy

Book week was a fantastic time in St Mary’s with a focus on some of our teachers’ favourite texts and “the Sword in the Stone” as a theme running through many classrooms. One of the many highlights was our visiting theater’s production of “The Sword in the Stone – the musical” starring some of our very own actors and actresses across the Key Stages with the rest of the school performing as the chorus.

Of course the best fun of all is when we get to dress up as our favourite characters from stories new and old. Everyone joins in – including all the staff! For anyone who missed the grown-ups reliving their childhood click here.

Our READATHON took place during Book Week too and children could be seen reading in the most unusual of places every playtime! Our “Extreme Reading” gallery is looking great – with photos of pupils reading whilst swimming, riding diggers, in the bath, on top of their cars, doing martial arts - there are still some places left for YOUR photos, all you have to do is send your pic to school marked for the attention of Mrs Yeats.

Authors of the Future

We were so proud of our performance in the North Tyneside Writing Competition with acknowledgments for St Mary’s young writers for the third year running! Well done to William in Year 6 and Ava in Year 3 – will future St Mary’s pupils be studying their works for “Book Week” in years to come?

DANCE, dance, dance

Once again our Year 6 dancers wowed audiences at the North Tyneside Schools annual Dance Festival. Mrs Yeats and Mrs Roberts were so impressed with the standard and enthusiasm from this year’s dancers. We had an encore of their performance at the end of Year 6’s recent assembly, so that the rest of the school could see them in action.

Super Science

With a focus on Science this term, we have invited parents into school to experience a science lesson first hand. Without a Bunsen Burner or test tube in sight, they will be able to see for themselves what super scientists St Mary’s have and how we can find learning opportunities in the strangest of places. Watch out for some interesting photos and video clips on our Twitter feed.


Our Twitter feed continues to be a great way to see what is happening in your child’s class as part of the general working day. Currently, our TWITTER account : @stmarysccoats is a closed account and only those we allow can see what we publish, with teachers being the only ones with access to “tweet”. We feel that we offer a safe and easy way for you to enjoy a peep into life at St Mary’s and encourage all parents, new and current, to make a request for access via @stmarysccoats or follow the link below.


We don’t always recognise parents from their Twitter file-name therefore, please let us know who you are when you have applied so that we can verify your connection to the school and allow you to view our feed. Thank you for your “likes” and comments – it is really nice to know our tweeting is viewed and appreciated.

WOW – walk once a week

Now that the warmer weather is promised and lighter mornings and evenings are here, why not try to walk or scoot or cycle to school at least once a week? We know that for some of you who travel by car this proves to be difficult to do on a regular basis but you can still enter into the spirit of the initiative by occasionally parking a little further away from the school gates; making walking to/from the car an added bit of exercise.

E Safety

Technologies today are developing so quickly and our children are open to new and exciting ways of communicating from a very early age. Sadly, with these new developments, comes greater vulnerability unless we ensure that we are fully aware of the measures we can take to keep our youngsters safe.

Every child in St Mary’s is taught discrete E Safety sessions as part of their ICT curriculum. These sessions are revisited and reinforced throughout the year to help them to realise the importance of the correct use of the internet and to introduce relevant developments. At school we work hard to ensure that all of our technology is filtered and protected from unwanted risks. We cannot guarantee that this is 100% fool proof but we can ensure that any breeches of security will be dealt with in the appropriate manner and that our children know how to behave in such a scenario.

Many of the additional technologies our children come in contact with are those they only use outside school (mobile phones, games consoles, tablets etc) and therefore, to help parents to feel better equipped to support their children and to help to keep them safe at home and elsewhere, we have provided the following hyperlink to the Northern Grid for Learning’s E Safety portal.


Please feel free to contact Mrs Hollings at school if you have any further E Safety requirements.