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Welcome to the Website of St.Mary's RC Primary School

St.Mary's RC Primary School Cullercoats School Crest

Welcome to St. Mary’s school website. We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about life at St Mary's.

We are very concerned to encourage responsible use of the internet. To this end, I would direct you to the following links, Kidsmart and Think You Know, which both promote positive and safe internet usage. Additionally, we are keen to promote good citizenship in our school community and to that end guide you to the www.gogivers.org website for further information and activities. Have fun!

Mrs C. Bland- Headteacher

Have Your Say! (New poll added - 03/10/2014)
Welcome to our Online Poll page. This is where parents and children get to have their say. Just remember, you only get to vote once per i.p. address but you can check back at any time to see how the poll is going. Hope you have fun!

Breaking News (07 items - Updated 04/10/2014)

Saints of the North

We have already begun to celebrate our Golden Jubilee in style. The whole school took a trip to the wonderful island of Lindisfarne earlier this term. Seven coaches, filled with happy children and lots of willing parents, left the school gates for our day on Holy Island. The sun shone from a blue sky as the children enjoyed looking for “Cuddy’s Beads” on the beach, taking part in Treasure Trails, watching the seals swimming close to the coastline, exploring the ancient buildings and generally getting a feel for the tranquillity and beauty of their surroundings.

We ended the day with a beautiful, if somewhat crowded, gathering for reflection in St Aiden’s Catholic Church. We certainly had a lot to be thankful to God for!

Once back at school, the week continued with our studies of the life of the Northern Saints. We had “MORE THAN DANCE” visit us in school to help us to reflect upon the lives of these saints through liturgical dance. All classes gave a performance on Wednesday afternoon that left us all feeling uplifted and holy. Every single child contributed with grace, poignancy and reverence; it was truly an amazing experience.

A sharing assembly at the end of the week showed just how much our children had learned in such a short space of time. We saw illuminated letters, listened to poetry and prayers, watched dancing, looked at artwork, watched slideshows and heard the life story of Aiden, Bede, Cuthbert and Oswald.

Keep watching our gallery for pictures of this Northern Saints week to help you to get a flavour of our learning.

Happy Birthday to Us!

This year sees our 50th Birthday celebrations and we plan to celebrate and share the history of our school and the changes made over time with you all.

If you have anything you would like to share; old photos, memories, books, etc we would love to hear from you. We hope to gather bits of evidence (however small) to help us to build a picture of how St Mary’s has changed over its 50 years of existence. How we share these with the children and the wider community will depend upon what we get, so please do not be shy in coming forward with your memories, do please contact school if you can help in any way.

We will post news items regarding our celebrations here on the school website and diary, so keep popping back to check for updates.

New Poll

You will notice a new poll has been added to our website. Although we appreciate that some of you lead very busy lives out of school, we do like to offer different experiences through school too. We now have a fairly extensive list of extra-curricular activities on offer throughout the year but are keen to know if we can appeal to a wider audience by offering some clubs that are a bit different. Please take time to vote. If you have ideas or suggestions for any clubs that do not feature in our poll, please feel free to write them down and give them to Mrs Bland or Mrs Hollings. We will be happy to hold them on file for future consideration.

Year 6 Rounders

Well done to the Y6 Rounders team who took part in the tournament at St Thomas More High School. Although we didn’t win, we certainly showed team spirit and sportsmanship in enjoying taking part. Maybe next time year 6…..keep training!

National Poetry Day

During National Poetry Day, Year 6 and Year 5 took a trip on the Metro to visit Shiremoor library to meet the poet Stephen Finlay and to listen to him talk about and read some of his own poetry. They have now been given their own poetry notebooks to jot down their inspirational observations and thoughts and to try creating some of their own individual works.

Will we see some of their poems published in books in the future? We certainly hope so.

Links With BBC Music

BBC 2 have begun a year of devotion to classical music in schools with their “10 Pieces” project. St Mary’s will be joining them for the launch by sending our oldest two classes to a screening of the featured pieces. From there we hope to use the music, across the school,  as an inspiration to springboard us into other creative projects. If you would like to know more about the pieces of music or the project itself, log onto the BBC website:


We will post St Mary’s responses to the project here on our own website.

E Safety

Technologies today are developing so quickly and our children are open to new and exciting ways of communicating from a very early age. Sadly, with these new developments, comes greater vulnerability unless we ensure that we are fully aware of the measures we can take to keep our youngsters safe.

Every child in St Mary’s is taught discrete E Safety sessions as part of their ICT curriculum. These sessions are revisited and reinforced throughout the year to help them to realise the importance of the correct use of the internet and to introduce relevant developments. At school we work hard to ensure that all of our technology is filtered and protected from unwanted risks. We cannot guarantee that this is 100% fool proof but we can ensure that any breeches of security will be dealt with in the appropriate manner and that our children know how to behave in such a scenario.

Many of the additional technologies our children come in contact with are those they only use outside school (mobile phones, games consoles, tablets etc) and therefore, to help parents to feel better equipped to support their children and to help to keep them safe at home and elsewhere, we have provided the following hyperlink to the Northern Grid for Learning’s E Safety portal.


Please feel free to contact Mrs Hollings at school if you have any further E Safety requirements.