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Welcome to the Website of St.Mary's RC Primary School

St.Mary's RC Primary School Cullercoats School Crest

Welcome to St. Mary’s school website. We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about life at St Mary's.
We are very concerned to encourage responsible use of the internet. To this end, I would direct you to the following links, Kidsmart and Think You Know, which both promote positive and safe internet usage. Have fun! Mrs C. Bland- Headteacher

Have Your Say! (New poll added - Poll Ended)
Welcome to our Online Poll page. This is where parents and children get to have their say. Just remember, you only get to vote once per i.p. address but you can check back at any time to see how the poll is going. Hope you have fun!

Breaking News (7 items - Updated 31/03/2014)

Section 48 Denominational Inspection

We are delighted to report the findings of our recent Section 48 Denominational Inspection and direct you to a copy of the final report on the Mission Statement page of this website.

The overall judgment of OUTSTANDING makes us feel very proud indeed. It is a true reflection of all of the hard work and commitment of our staff, pupils, governors, parents and parish in helping to make St Mary's an outstanding Catholic family. Thank you one and all.

Click here to view the report


We were so delighted with the responses we got from all visitors to our Big Art Exhibition this year. Parents, Grandparents, parishioners and friends gathered together to see how our children had interpreted L S Lowry's "Fever Van" and used it to inspire their own artwork.

It was lovely to see the children guide their Mums and Dads around the exhibits and point out their own artwork and their favourite pieces from other year groups. It was even more special to hear that some of the children's work rivalled that of masterpieces in galleries around the world! . one parent comment that stood out for us all, was a simple sentence stating that "Lowry himself would be pleased."

Thank-you to everyone who took the time to fill in questionnaires and comment bubbles. We will collate all the responses and suggestions and add them to our future planning files - they are very much appreciated.

If you didn't get the chance to pop into our exhibition to see the work for yourself, why not take a look at our gallery pages to get a flavour of what you missed. We think we have some budding Turner prize winners for sure.

Our Big Art Week also features in the News Guardian of the 4th of March. You can read this article and see a short video of the exhibition itself by following the link below:

Click here to see our News Guardian video

Pom Pom Day

Pompom Day was a huge success and the children took to making pompoms in a WIDE and varied manner of styles as the pictures in our gallery will reveal! We were trailing bits of wool around with us wherever we went all day. Some went for the traditional cardboard "polo", some went for mini-pompoms using FORKS, some went for semi-circular card and some simply used each other's hands. After a few false starts we were underway and our children were soon producing pompoms galore!

All of this of course was for a very good cause raising not only money, but awareness, and the children enjoyed talking about older family friends and relatives and familiarising themselves with the joys of growing older as well as considering some of the challenges elderly people face.

Visit our Gallery page to see some of us in full pompom-creating action.

Golden Book March 2014

Everyone has been working especially hard these last few weeks. Our Golden Book Nominations for this term are hanging on our celebration tree in the entrance hall so that visitors to St Mary's can see just how proud our parents and teachers are of everything you do.

REC: JACKSON for how hard he works taking pride in what he does and for his amazing maths, ASHTON for trying so hard with his reading and blending.

YEAR 1: NIAMH for working so conscientiously towards her target and CLAUDIA for her enthusiasm towards all work!

YEAR 2: ERIN for working so hard all of the time in the class and in smaller group work and AOIFE voted for by the class as being hard-working but always friendly.

YEAR3: FINN for massive improvements in handwriting and OLIVIA C for a perfect attitude to learning!

YEAR 4: CHARLOTTE for her super efforts with her reading comprehension and JAKEY for always wanting to improve, even when he is doing well!

YEAR5: EMILY for always putting her hand up to answer questions, even the tricky ones!...and MAX for being a great wordsmith; using very ambitious vocabulary in his writing.

YEAR 6: ANNIE for working hard all of the time and for having such a positive attitude to work. ETHAN nominated by Auntie Christine for his efforts in maths and literacy group work.

Congratulations everyone, we are all so proud of you and hope you influence others to try their best all of the time.

Calling all Creative Minds

We are looking to add a new poll to our website. Can you come up with a good theme for our next poll? What do you think we should be seeking your opinion about? What would you like to see a vote for?

Bring your ideas to school and give them to Mrs Hollings or send them to school via the school email address on the contacts page.

Skipping Fun

Year 5 took part in a skipping festival recently. They had been learning to "crossover" "pretzel" and "speed bounce" amongst other techniques and everyone had become great skippers as a result.

The class had to enter individual experts into the skills section before the whole class was involved in presenting a skip/dance routine for the other competitors and the judges.

We are delighted to say that St Mary's came away with one GOLD, two SILVER and three BRONZE awards for the individual events and were joint WINNERS of the skip/dance routine. We were so pleased.

We would like to congratulate our joint winners at Holy Cross Primary and look forward to competing against them again next year.

E Safety

Technologies today are developing so quickly and our children are open to new and exciting ways of communicating from a very early age. Sadly, with these new developments, comes greater vulnerability unless we ensure that we are fully aware of the measures we can take to keep our youngsters safe.

Every child in St Mary’s is taught discrete E Safety sessions as part of their ICT curriculum. These sessions are revisited and reinforced throughout the year to help them to realise the importance of the correct use of the internet and to introduce relevant developments. At school we work hard to ensure that all of our technology is filtered and protected from unwanted risks. We cannot guarantee that this is 100% fool proof but we can ensure that any breeches of security will be dealt with in the appropriate manner and that our children know how to behave in such a scenario.

Many of the additional technologies our children come in contact with are those they only use outside school (mobile phones, games consoles, tablets etc) and therefore, to help parents to feel better equipped to support their children and to help to keep them safe at home and elsewhere, we have provided the following hyperlink to the Northern Grid for Learning’s E Safety portal.


Please feel free to contact Mrs Hollings at school if you have any further E Safety requirements.