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Welcome to the Website of St.Mary's RC Primary School

St.Mary's RC Primary School Cullercoats School Crest

Welcome to St. Mary’s school website. We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about life at St Mary's.

We are very concerned to encourage responsible use of the internet. To this end, I would direct you to the following links, Kidsmart and Think You Know, which both promote positive and safe internet usage. Additionally, we are keen to promote good citizenship in our school community and to that end guide you to the www.gogivers.org website for further information and activities. Have fun!

Mrs C. Bland- Headteacher

Have Your Say! (New poll added - 05/01/2015)
Welcome to our Online Poll page. This is where parents and children get to have their say. Just remember, you only get to vote once per i.p. address but you can check back at any time to see how the poll is going. Hope you have fun!

Breaking News (07 items - Updated 19/01/2015)

Golden Book Jan 2015

Our first Golden Book Nominees for 2015 are here! The children have been working amazingly hard for their teachers and have been duly rewarded in our Golden Book roll of honour.

Don’t forget to complete your “proud parent” card to hang on our success tree in the entrance hall.


Evie for always being so polite and for producing careful and neat work.

Charlie for doing so well with his phonics; he can now write independently!

Year 1:

Zak for deciding that he can certainly write more in the lesson time.

Jackson for being such a great, quiet listener and fab mathematician.

Year 2:

Jennifer for making sure her handwriting stays neat.

Chloe for neat and tidy books in all subjects.

Year 3:

Whole class for their excellent report following their visit to Tesco

Elliot for achieving his target to write more – a massive improvement.

Gregor for showing a willingness to improve in all subjects.

Year 4:

Olivia for her effort all round – keep it up Olivia

Harry for fantastic research on the Egyptians

Year 5:

Megan C for all round fantastic work( and great digital art )

Loui for renewed efforts in all subjects even with visiting teachers.

Finley for a mature attitude to his learning – especially in maths.

Year 6:

Ruby for her cheery, friendly nature and for outstanding handwriting.

Thomas for fantastic description in Big Writing.

Well done everyone – keep working hard. We hope to see your name up here after the next Golden Book Assembly.

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all visitors to our website a very happy, peaceful and healthy 2015.

We feel sure that this year will be filled with lots of exciting learning opportunities at St Mary’s and look forward to celebrating many of our achievements here on the school website and with permission via our closed, protected Twitter account (@stmarysccoats)

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas; filled with lots of love and laughter. Thank you for all the support with our Christmas activities: carol singing in the hospital, our nativity plays, our carol service, our end of year mass and our musical concert. They certainly helped us all to get into the Christmas spirit whilst raising money for our local Salvation Army and the work they do over the festive season.

Big Art Week

This term sees our annual Big Art Week. The theme this year is quite a broad one. After a whole-school screening of the BBCs “10 Pieces”, each class held their own poll to see which composition was their favourite. They will then use the most popular piece to base their class art exhibition upon.

Our exhibition will be held in week 5 of the half term – watch out for dates published soon. If you can’t get to visit our works of art, be sure to pop back to our website gallery to view a selection of work from right across the school.

Which piece do you like the best out of all 10 pieces?


Why not cast your vote on our new website poll – let us know what you think.

Digital Ambassadors

We have some newly appointed digital ambassadors in school from years 5 and 6. These children had to go through the application process, be shortlisted and be interviewed for their post. We were well and truly blown away by the standard of all applicants and their commitment to the process. Sadly, like the outside world of grown-ups, we could not offer everyone a job and the difficult decision of filling the eight positions was not an easy one to make. Congratulations to Eleanor, Jenna, Martha and Max from year 6 and Ava, Owen, William and Megan from year 5. They will be putting their considerable ICT skills to good use during the coming months.

E Safety Reminders

Santa loves his technology and will no doubt have left a number of ipads, phones, tablets and games consoles in the homes of our pupils. We will do our part in encouraging our children to be good digital citizens and teaching them about acceptable online behaviour and activity. However, at home the children do not have the protection of the school firewall and filtering system so please ensure that you are aware of the parental controls available for many devices and are familiar with the online services your children are using. For additional support and FAQs regarding E safety at home please visit:




Website Voting

Thank you to everyone who takes time to share their views in our online poll. Our extra-curricular activity poll is now closed. You voted for a “Digital Art” club and a “Coding Club”. Whilst Mrs Hollings and our Digital Ambassadors are training up on their coding we will begin with some digital art clubs. Watch out for dates and times on the notice board in the ICT suite.

We have added a new poll to find out which of the TEN PIECES you like best (see Big Art Week above)

E Safety

Technologies today are developing so quickly and our children are open to new and exciting ways of communicating from a very early age. Sadly, with these new developments, comes greater vulnerability unless we ensure that we are fully aware of the measures we can take to keep our youngsters safe.

Every child in St Mary’s is taught discrete E Safety sessions as part of their ICT curriculum. These sessions are revisited and reinforced throughout the year to help them to realise the importance of the correct use of the internet and to introduce relevant developments. At school we work hard to ensure that all of our technology is filtered and protected from unwanted risks. We cannot guarantee that this is 100% fool proof but we can ensure that any breeches of security will be dealt with in the appropriate manner and that our children know how to behave in such a scenario.

Many of the additional technologies our children come in contact with are those they only use outside school (mobile phones, games consoles, tablets etc) and therefore, to help parents to feel better equipped to support their children and to help to keep them safe at home and elsewhere, we have provided the following hyperlink to the Northern Grid for Learning’s E Safety portal.


Please feel free to contact Mrs Hollings at school if you have any further E Safety requirements.